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Low-Impact Activities for Seniors and How Our Home Care Can Help

Jul 26, 2018 by The Crafty Caregiver

Aging adults may understand the importance of exercise, yet it may seem more difficult than it used to be. Low-impact exercises elevate the heart rate of seniors to the perfect level of cardiovascular health. Plus, there may be additional benefits! 


Low-impact exercises typically provide seniors with increased flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance. The entire body can be worked out by alternating low-impact exercises and this may lessen the risk of injury from normal activities of daily living, too. Seniors should consult their doctor before starting their new exercise regimen.



As an excellent, low-impact exercise that builds endurance and increases cardiovascular health, walking is also considered gentle on the joints. Take a few minutes to stretch before, and also after a walk, to lessen the likelihood of injury while walking, and any soreness that could occur later.


Water Aerobics:

A great way to increase muscular strength and the cardiovascular advantage is a water aerobics class. Adults profit from increased muscular strength working in the water, while the buoyancy reduces any heavy impact on joints. Exercising in water can reduce pain that might typically occur in the joints when exercising on land.



Yoga offers increased flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance. Blood pressure is often lowered by practicing yoga on a regular basis. Yoga also supports healthy weight loss or maintenance and can be done in almost any location, whether at home, in a yoga studio, or at the local gym.


Tai Chi:

This meditative exercise program has become popular with seniors. Tai Chi can increase both flexibility and balance, and there is no special equipment or clothing necessary. It’s always done in methodically slow gentle movements which is great for those who suffer from pain in knees, ankles, hips or other joints.


Comfort Keepers® Can Help

If your aging loved one needs assistance with starting or maintaining a healthier routine, Comfort Keepers® can help. Our loving home care professionals can take regular walks with your loved one or provide a ride to their local gym for programs. Comfort Keepers® can be there to assist in initiating, maintaining or regaining an active and independent lifestyle.


Give us a call today to learn more about the benefits of our Comfort Keepers® and how we can provide your loved one with a healthy routine. Inquire about our other in-home care services, too!


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