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Reducing Seniors Risk Factors of Falling at Home in Maple Grove, MN

Oct 12, 2018 by The Crafty Caregiver

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one out of four older adults will likely take a fall this year, but less than half of them will tell their doctor.


Falling is so frequent that 3 million elderly persons are treated in hospital emergency departments annually for injuries from falling. More than 800,000 older adults require hospital admission from falling, typically with an injury to the head or a hip fracture. Related medical costs continue to grow. Falls in 2015 totaled more than $50 billion of medical costs with Medicare and Medicaid bearing 75% of the load. We can anticipate these numbers to grow as our population continues to age.


Here are some facts that may surprise you:

  • One out of five falls by an older adult will result in serious injury.
  • Injuries as a result of falling create longer hospital stays than other hospital admissions.
  • Out of 10 adults over 85 years who fall, at least one will end up with a hip fracture.
  • Risk factors for falling can be modified to prevent falls in the home.


The best solution is to reduce the risk factors leading to falls in the first place. Healthcare assistants can reduce the risk of a senior falling at home by eliminating risk factors for falling. Comfort Keepers® can give a quantified assessment of a home environment and make subsequent recommendations for altering fall risks, such as uneven flooring or lack of ample lighting. Our goal at Comfort Keepers® is to keep our older loved ones safe and healthy while living independently as they continue to age.


When someone has suffered a fall, the aging adult must get the proper help for recovery. This will improve the survival rate, plus increase the adult’s chances of living independently again. Caregivers can professionally assist in recovery from a fall. Comfort Keepers® makes a difference by offering mobility assistance and taking care of challenging daily tasks. Professional caregivers will provide transportation to medical appointments and activities, also.


If you would like to talk to one of our in-home care professionals for help on reducing the risk of falls or ask about assistance for your previously injured love one, contact us today. We are available 24/7 to help! 


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