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Fire Safety in The Home of Your Senior Loved One

Oct 26, 2018 by The Crafty Caregiver

Significantly lessen the possibility of fire in the home of an elderly loved one by making simple and easy changes. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) teaches fire safety and prevention as the best way to reduce risk. Fires devastate families and communities, with enormous costs from damage, in addition to death and injuries.  


Keep yourself and your loved ones safer by reading these safety tips from NFPA:

  • Smoke or fire alarms should be strategically placed on each floor of a home. Always have alarms inside and outside of bedrooms, too.
  • Alarms must be tested monthly to ensure safety, and batteries need replacement once a year.
  • Do you have alarms over 10 years old? Discard them. Install newer versions.
  • Don’t let distractions remove you from the kitchen when cooking, especially if broiling, grilling or frying at the time.
  • Fire extinguishers must be easily seen and accessible in the kitchen to be useful.
  • Skip candles altogether or be sure to blow them out when exiting a room or preparing for bed.
  • Keep children safe by securing matches and lighters in locked cabinets.
  • Regularly check appliance and electrical cords for damage.
  • Maintain a 3-foot space between heaters and any combustible items. Shut down space heaters before bed.
  • If you or your guests are smokers, light up outside and use sturdy ashtrays to extinguish the cigarette butts safely.
  • Plan an emergency escape for your home and practice it at minimum of twice a year .
  • If a fire should start in the home, remember to leave the burning home first, then call for help from outside.


NFPA encourages fire prevention in your home be taken into consideration on a consistent basis.It can be hard though for seniors who are immobile or forgetful to stay proactive with the fire safety of their home.


That's where we can step in and help. Our trained in-home caregivers can evaluate your home environment for fire safety and offer safety tips. If you would like to talk to one of our experts about how our home care services can elevate the safety of your senior loved ones home, contact us today! 

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