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Safety Tips to Consider for Your Senior Taking Medications in Osseo, MN

Nov 27, 2018 by The Crafty Caregiver

Are you worried about your parent or aging loved one taking the wrong medication or the right medication on the wrong day? Getting medications mixed up can be dangerous. It’s vitally important that medications are managed safely or it can prevent an adult from living independently any longer. What can you do to help your loved one?


Consider the following suggestions:

  1. Have a candid conversation with your loved one about any concerns about their medications. Create a detailed list of all their prescriptions, plus any over-the-counter drugs that are taken on a regular basis. Update this list regularly, recording any symptoms that have changed or diminished. Take this list with you and your loved one when going to doctor appointments. Speak up and ask questions if you’re not sure about a particular drug or if it’s really necessary.
  2. The more you know, the better you can advocate for your loved one. Do a little research on each prescription and over-the-counter drug so you understand which symptoms each drug is supposed to manage. Know the side effects to look for, too. Have you noticed that symptoms have changed? Have you seen side effects? Does your loved one’s treatment plan require evaluation once more? Don’t hesitate to speak up as needed.
  3. Be on the watch for possible overmedication. If your loved one is diabetic or has high blood pressure, be especially cautious. Unfortunately, it’ not that uncommon for aging adults to take lower or higher doses than prescribed. Make a call to 911 for emergency help if concerned about overdose.  
  4. Today, so many older adults are taking multiple drugs and over-the-counter medications, so be careful. Search for “free drug interaction checkers” and check drug interactions online or call your doctor or pharmacist if concerned about drug interaction safety.


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