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Stressors Continually Change As We Age

Jan 28, 2019 by The Crafty Caregiver

The stress of raising a family may be gone, job or career stress is gone, yet new stressors develop. Why? Because stress is unavoidable. Stressors continually change as adults age. More concerns develop over the loss of friends or family, creating an awareness of one’s own health issues. Tight budgets during retirement years can make living a challenge, too. These are normal stressful situations, but they’re not easy. Aging adults will typically benefit from additional coping skills for their later years.  


Since stress is connected with anxiety, depression, hypertension, and lowered immunity, there are plenty of reasons to reduce stress. Proper management is vitally important, as stress can increase the likelihood of cardiac problems by 40%, heart attack by 25%, and stroke by 50%!


So, what can a senior do? Here’s a list of solutions seniors can work on for their better health and longevity.  


Relieve Stress for Better Health

  • With numerous styles of meditation – walking, mindfulness, zen, and more, just select one that resonates with you
  • Slow down your breathing and take deep breaths. Your body will calm
  • Be sure to find opportunities to smile often with friends and family
  • Commit to better lifestyle habits, including regular exercise and unprocessed foods
  • List at least three things daily in a Gratitude Journal
  • Volunteer. Retirement allows time to give back to your community
  • Learn how to move with your breath at a senior yoga class
  • Play soft music before bedtime
  • Laugh at a funny movie, or watch a comedy on TV
  • Steal away for a weekend getaway


 Comfort Keepers® Creates Peace of Mind for Clients

Comfort Keepers® believes that aging adults deserve full enjoyment of their lives. Comfort Keepers® caregivers are trained to keep a contagious positive attitude with their clients. The most empathetic people are selected to help clients have proper nutrition, exercise, and laughter in their lives while aging.


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