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Medication Reminders Are Included in Elder Home Care Plans in Maple Grove, MN

Elder home care providers can ensure seniors take medication correctly

Seniors across the country are finding themselves struggling to keep up with their prescription medication schedule. If your loved one is one of those older adults, you will be happy to find out that Comfort Keepers in Maple Grove, MN provides medication reminder services as part of our elder home care plan that can keep your loved one safe, healthy and independent for a long time.

Quality home care begins with approaching each client as an individual. Although our elder home care services are very much so tailored to the particular needs of seniors, each older adult is different. By speaking with your loved one, their medical team and you, we will get to know them and what they need to stay independent. We will model our caregiving according to what we learn from these conversations and constantly check back in to make sure the care we are providing is exactly what it needs to be.

Medication management is important maintaining well-being and independence as we age. What makes medication management difficult for seniors, however, is that their prescription medication schedule is often complex and it is easy to forget when you are supposed to take certain medications. At the same time, different pills get taken at different times and some of them are taken every other day or once a week.

An elder home care specialist will remind your loved one to take their medication on time, telling them which pill is taken at which time. In addition, caregivers will be there with your loved one every day to make sure they are not experiencing any dangerous side effects and to react quickly should the need arise.

If your loved one is not ready for full-on elder home care yet, we do offer an alternative solution. Our Pill Dispenser, Tab Safe, and MedMinder products automatically dispense your loved one's medication and alert them when it is time to take them. If they skip a dose, an automated call will go out to you or another emergency contact letting you know they did not take their medication on time.

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