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Dementia Care in Fridley, MN

Specialized dementia care for seniors in the Fridley area.

When caring for a senior with dementia, it is often difficult to understand why they say and do what they do. Their actions may be frustrating, embarrassing, and may even evoke anger. When providing care for a senior with mid to late-stage dementia, the following tricks may help keep you grounded:

1.Even in the later stages of dementia, most actions have meaning. They may not have meaning in our reality, but to the senior with dementia, each of their actions makes sense. If a senior starts to act in a way that is not ordinary, you should check for a pattern of behavior. Are these behaviors that are related to certain stimulus, time of day, or people? For example, sundowning behaviors, often referred to as late-day confusion, are tied to the "downing of the sun" and get worse around evening.

2.Many actions are attempts to communicate. In the later stages of dementia, many seniors lose their ability to communicate verbally. They do their best to accommodate with their actions. What you may perceive as unruly behavior may be a senior's attempt to cope with an uncomfortable situation. Perhaps they are too hot or too cold. They may need to go to the bathroom, or they may be stressed out about an item that they suddenly want and cannot find. By calmly working through different situations that may have led to the behavior, a caregiver can solve the mystery, benefitting both the senior and themselves.

3.A great place to start when dealing with troubling behavior is with foundational needs and safety. A senior with dementia may use whatever behavior is at their disposal to let a caregiver know they are hungry, thirsty, tired, in pain, or needing to go the bathroom. If their basic needs are being met, check to make sure they are safe. This includes perceived safety. Did the senior see or hear something that upset them? Was something taken away that they want back?

Comfort Keepers Dementia Care

If you are providing providing care for a loved one with dementia, you understand first-hand that providing this type of care can be extremely challenging mentally and physically. That's where our trained in home caregivers come in. Our dementia caregivers can be the difference between a senior melting down and going out of control or finding peace and calm in the midst of their personal storm. While it is not always easy, taking the time to understand and offer compassionate problem solving can usually de-escalate situations and provide the senior with much-needed emotional protection and dignity. To learn more about how our trained dementia care professionals could help your loved one, contact us. We look forward to speaking with you and providing specialized dementia care for your loved one.

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