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Living Assistance Technology

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We live in the 21st century. While technology is not a favorite subject of many seniors, Comfort Keepers home care personnel can help them stay connected 24-hours a day. Not only does a high level of connectivity help keep seniors safe, but it also allows them to maintain social connections that they may not have been able to keep without it.

Living Assistance Technology for Seniors in Fridley, MN

Comfort Keepers home care personnel tailor their caregiving to the specific and unique needs of the senior. In many cases, this involves medication management, fall prevention, and other safety measures. While each of these has definite physical and analog components, there are also technological devices that can help as well. For example, Comfort Keepers pill dispenser systems are able to remind seniors of the time for medication and the proper dose. Some of these systems even provide the dosages for them, taking the guess work out of medication management. Since 30 to 50 percent of senior hospitalizations due to medication are related to seniors not taking their medication as prescribed, these systems can literally be lifesavers.

Falls are the single greatest cause of non-illness-related emergencies in seniors. According to the National Counsil on Aging, they are also the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans, with upwards of 25 percent of seniors over the age of 65 suffering a fall requiring a trip to the doctor each year. In addition to the severe complications of many of these falls, the fear of a fall is just a debilitating for many seniors. With a Comfort Keepers personal emergency response system, your senior loved one is never more than the push of a button away from a caregiver, 24/7. Prior to recommending a system, Comfort Keepers living assistance personnel will visit the home and work with your loved one to select the technology that best fits their unique needs and maximize their independence.

Seniors with dementia or Alzheimer's may wander. Instead of keeping watch at their bedside, modern technology can help. From bedside pressure mats and motion detectors to window and door alarms, a senior can be monitored and kept safe without caregivers being overly invasive. Seniors love the idea that they are never truly alone, even when a caregiver is not present, and family members love the idea that their loved one can maintain independence while not compromising their safety or privacy.

In short, Comfort Keepers still provides all of the foundational home care support a senior may need to remain safe and independent, but they also provide 21st-century living assistance technology in order to maximize a senior's quality of life. Contact us today to learn more about how our living assistance technology could change the life of your loved one.

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